2010 photo
"My artistic ability comes naturally to me, my real love is teaching.

I am a professional teacher. That is my life purpose."
                                                                                   Valerie Toliver

As artists, we know there is something wrong with our painting, but... what is it? 
Valerie answers that question for you. 
She works with you, showing you techniques in watercolor
at the time that you need them.  

If your painting looks flat,
she shows you how to give it depth.
If you find your painting lacks color,
she shows you how to mix the right amount of paint
and water to give it the vivid color it needs.  

Her style of teaching is different than anything
I have ever experienced.
She  describes how something works
and steps you through techniques.
She show you everything in detail -
from how to hold a brush to improving your style.
You will learn to stop habits that you are not aware of.

Valerie is a coach.

You do not have to be frustrated.
Bring in your unfinished paintings
and she will get you past the frustration...
and excited to finish your work!